We designed our program for the person who does not want to count calories, weigh or measure foods, or use irritatingly complicated methods for losing weight.  Our process teaches you how you can lose weight and then keep it off while maintaining and improving your lean body health.  We use a combination of healthy and natural medications and self-administered painless injections help you achieve your goals of losing body fat, improving health, daily energy levels and becoming a happier person.

We are not going to ask you to take medications you do not want or need, including excessive amounts of supplements or overly frequent weigh-ins or procedures.  Too much of that gives the impression that you will not lose weight unless you jump through a lot of hoops you can’t possibly continue for the time it takes to get to your goals.  Truth is, losing weight can be simple, inexpensive, and convenient.   

Our prices are also reasonable, because we want you to be able to participate and we want to see your results too!  You should leave knowing that weight loss can be much easier than you might have expected, especially once you have seen and experienced the eating plan that allows you to eat more to lose more, but you should also know that you are participating in a program in which emphasis is equally placed on maintaining the weight you have lost. 

All aspects of your program should be individually tailored to your unique characteristics, health, situation, stress level, gender and age.  We may change, add or modify dosages of medication; we may also adjust your food recommendations, advise you to eat more or less frequently, or even advise you to curtail – or increase --your exercise, again depending entirely on your unique situation.  We may even ask you to back off on your overall level of intensity.  You will be amazed at the things you thought would not work but do, or vice-versa. 

We will definitely do all of this in a medically-safe way.  We look forward to seeing you!



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